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5 Steps to a Profitable Elevator Pitch

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Webinar Starts: March 16, 20203 PM CST


"What Do You Do?"

For most business owners, these four words send chills down their spine.

And those chills seem to freeze their ability to communicate clearly, so they say things like..."Umm, well, it's complicated.""So, we, uh, are industry leaders, applying technical innovation to consumer problems.""We were founded in 1954 with a desire to help customers."

You Just Lost Your Audience.

In today's world, speed is a reality. People move at a rapid pace, and they don't take time to read everything you put out there. So they need to quickly know what you do, how it helps them, and how to buy it. But here's an unfortunate truth:

The Best Services and Products Don't Win.

The companies, products, and services that thrive are those that are the clearest and easiest to understand.
Many businesses don't do the hard work of creating clarity and simplicity in their marketing and messaging. This is a significant problem. Why? Because by not doing the work for your customers, you're asking them to do the hard work of figuring out what you do and how it helps them.  They don't have time to become a Ph.D. in your brand.
Smart marketers know how to create pitches that capture attention and generate new customers. But it's the genius marketers who actually put it to work.

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